President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil claimed in front of his 114,000 fans on Tuesday: ‘only God could remove him from power and expel him from the country‘.

Bolsonaro has launched new attacks on Congress and the Supreme Court, claiming that these institutions are pursuing him and his political friends.

The Brazilian president is currently the subject of many investigations, which were just approved by the court.

Meanwhile, his approval rating continues to fall, with 61 percent of Brazilians judging his government’s performance as poor or extremely poor, according to a poll conducted by Atlas Institute.

When he first entered office in January 2019, his approval rating was only 23 percent.

Last week, he told Christian groups that he has three options for his future: ‘being arrested, dead, or victorious‘.

Evangelical leaders are some of Bolsonaro’s most fanatic supporters.

On Brazil’s Independence Day, protesters gathered in the streets to support the country’s president, while others demonstrated against him.

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