Jesus did not come to abolish the law of the prophets but to fulfill them,

(Matthew 5:17).

According the Holy Quran,
Allah gave prophet Muhammed the order to tell woman to wear a headscarf (often known as a ḥijāb).

The word ḥijāb occurs several times the Quran.

According the prophecies Jesus is the last prophet,
in the Holy Quran; Muhammed is the last prophet until Isa al-Masih (Jesus in the Quran) will return.

Muslims are right Muhammed is the last prophet, but the last prophet in the Holy Quran.
Muhammed prophecied Isa (Jesus) will return as the promised Messiah.

If Jesus will return He will come again with God’s law for the people how we should live to create Heaven on Earth.

So the will of God is that Christ will come with the law for woman wearing a headscarf as well.

God’s law about women wearing a headscarf is:
it’s not an obligation, but a creed to the Almighty God

Just as wearing a headgear for Jewish men is a creed to God.

Just as men having a beard can be a creed to God Almighty.

Jesus will teach the people to live a life without suffering,
but one must follow Him to become enlightened and be relieved from suffering.

Conclusion a headscarf for woman is not an obligation but a creed to God Almighty.

We are all human beings, and we must share the same goal:

Heaven on Earth!

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