According the Bible it is not allowed to commit adultery.

This means when you have a relationship or if you are married you shall not cheat on your partner.

But are human beings monogamous?

What is the interpretation/definition of monogamous?

Monogamous is being loyal towards your partner, in the eyes of the Almighty God.

This means when you have a relationship or if you are married you are allowed to make an agreement with your partner what the definition or interpretation of being monogamous is.

Whether you’re a male, female or non-binary, this doesn’t matter.

You make an agreement with your partner about whether it is allowed to kiss or have sex with someone else.

Because the true nature of human beings is that we feel sexually attracted to more than one person.

You can agree with your partner not to have sex with someone else, if one of the two feels bad about you agree on that.

This is up to the couple;

to decide how to treat each other on this topic in the relationship or marriage.

Jesus can only teach the world to get rid of jealousy,

this an emotion that can be controlled by every human being.

Being free from hate, mischief and jealousy.

If you have any questions feel free to comment.

God’s will is that we are all free and happy human beings.

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