According the Holy Scriptures the Ark of the Covenant with the 10 commandments (the 2 stone tablets) in it are in Ethiopia today.

A short history of the Ark of the Covenant:

according to the Book of Exodus, God instructed Moses to build the Ark during his 40-day stay upon Mount Sinai

The 10 commandments given by God to Moses

After that the Ark of the Covenant travelled around the world from the day Moses build the Ark, but today it is in Ethiopia:

I will explain the story written in the Bible from the moment the Ark of the Covenant was in the hands of King Solomon (King of Israel at that time).

King Solomon had a meeting and sex with the Queen of Sheba (Queen of Ethiopia) written in the Bible, and they got a child together: Menelik I (this can be found in the Kebra Nagast).

When Menelik the I visited his father King Solomon, Solomon gave the Ark of the Covenant to Menelik the I who brought it to Ethiopia, where it is still today.

The Ark of the Covenant is very Holy, God Almighty killed Uzzah for touching the Ark of the Covenant for breaking a Divine law.

The Ark of the Covenant is protected today by Ethiopian Priests, for more information do research yourself 🙂

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