Dear brothers and sisters,

It is time for us to change this world from this hell we are living in to create Heaven on Earth.

We must change our behaviour to live happy lives on Earth, and start loving each other more.

Because if we hurt each other we can not live happy lives, because we will suffer.

We believe a World Government under the authority of Jesus Christ will lead to a Heaven on Earth, because Jesus Christ will teach us how we should treat each other with love and kindness.

We must help each other more everywhere in the world if we want to live a paradise on Earth.

Let us create Heaven on Earth

To create Heaven on Earth is not just an idea, it is also written in the Bible:

Jesus said in the Heavenly Father prayer: Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

According Bible Prophecy Jesus Christ will help us to create a Heaven on Earth by His teaching to mankind.

Join the World Government Movement if you believe the world leaders should collaborate more to create Heaven on Earth and become a member!



Kind regards,

Michael Maas,

Founder of the World Government Movement

Let us create Heaven on Earth!