The President of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir, told reporters on Thursday, that the world is “far behind in being able to solve the greatest global challenges and achieve the SDGs.” 

Volkan Bozkir was speaking in New York at his final press conference in the top job, steering the agenda of the world body amidst an extraordinary year, dominated by COVID-19

Abdulla Shahid, from the Maldives, is taking over the role for the 76th session at the end of the month. 

The last year, said Mr. Bozkir, “only highlighted that the preventive tools and mechanisms available with the UN are in desperate need for review.” 

The United Nations cannot be a follower of crisis.

It must be a preventive body, it must deliver earlier action to prevent, or prepare for, crises in the first place,” he added.  

Lastly, he left some recommendations to his colleagues and his successor.  

He believes there’s a need to streamline and deepen the work of the UN General Assembly

For him, “success is not measured by the number of meetings we have, but by their quality, their format, their impact”, according UN News.

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