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China to consider law that would punish parents for their children`s bad behavior.

China‘s parliament will move to consider a law that would punish parents for the crimes or “very bad behavior” of their young children.

The draft bill would shift a portion of blame to parents when their children act up, forcing them to attend family education programs if their child seriously violates school rules.

The legislation also would allow for parents to be punished by authorities if their children committed a crime below the legal age, which is 16 years old for most offenses.

There are many reasons for adolescents to misbehave, and the lack of or inappropriate family education is the major cause,” said Zang Tiewei.

Zang Tiewei is the spokesman of the Legislative Affairs Commission under the National People’s Congress (NPC).

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee will review the draft of the law at a session this week

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UN chief: “education is a powerful tool to counter hate speech”.

Growing polarization and intolerance are fuelling a rise in hate speech worldwide, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Thursday, in remarks to the opening of an online forum to counter this “global firestorm” through the power of education

The online forum event brings together teachers, youth, civil society organizations, human rights experts, tech and social media companies, and government representatives.

Mobilizing against hatred

“Across the globe, public discourse is being coarsened, democratic values threatened, and social cohesion undermined,” the UN chief said.

While social media is contributing to hate speech being disseminated more quickly than previously imaginable.

This is especially alarming when we consider that mass violence never arises in the absence of hate speech. 

It is the fuel that allows the fire to ignite, and it is a direct threat our common cause of peace, stability, sustainable development and human dignity.”

The UN Secretary-General pointed to the UN Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech, which addresses the issue holistically, including root causes, drivers and the impact on victims and societies, according UN News.

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